November 28th, 2004
Kytes vs Indian Engineers

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Shizuoka Kytes C.C. 20th Anniversary series: 
Shizuoka Kytes completes its celebrations with another thrilling win! 
Bilbo, maka & Cagey
Shizuoka Kytes C.C.: 212/7 (35 overs) (N. Harrison, 63; T. Phillips, 45; Extras, 35; Rahul, 3/22)  
Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C.: 206/9 (35 overs) (nari Ram, 45; Viswa Ghosh, 35) 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C. won by 6 runs 
Look at the pictures. 19 of them, blimey!!>>
Nicholas (Nick/Porno) Shannon writes:
Who would have believed that we would be playing cricket at this time of 
the year (those from the Northern hemisphere anyway)? I arrived at the 
ground at 9:10 am to find it covered in a fresh morning dew. Scenes 
never before witnessed by me! Still I was there and there were Indians 
on the way from Tokyo looking for a beating. Who was I to question the 
legitimacy of that?
Neil won the toss and erected to bat (pardon the pun). Robb McKenna was 
the first to depart caught Rahul bowled Vimal for 14. Vimal bowled like 
a saint on speed and deserved better than 1/19. This brought Neil to the 
crease to join our somewhat questionable opener Todd. We, or rather 
someone, decided that it would be a good idea to send Toddler in to see 
off some of the new ball. Good decision. Todd, on a rare Sunday where he 
didn't have a hangover, took to the said Indians and smacked them around 
the ground until the drinks interval. It was at about that time he 
realised that he was doing OK, let us all know about it, went back in 
and was promptly dismissed. Caught by Rahul! A gallant 45 nonetheless! I 
wonder if Todd could claim a posie on the NZ team? Nah. This brought 
Sharpe to the crease. Todd was probably wondering what the hell was 
going on. First he opens then Neil comes in at first drop. . . . . . 
Wow, who would have thunk it?
We shall now refer to Neil as the 'Berserk Warrior'. A bit of the 
medieval English shone through and he took to 'em. In one over The 
Berserk Warrior hit 4 fours and a six. Obviously myself, Arthur and 
McTamney were chomping at the bit to get out there. Runs to be had from 
the hapless Indians. Still the Warrior played with true grit and saw off 
the initial challenge. These boys looked solid until Sharpe was caught 
at mid on by Nari off Rahul. A valuable 21,but he never seemed to 
settle. I'm sure this pleased Biju as he could sense the danger if 
Sharpe was to get comfortable out there. The Indians were back. Biju was 
rubbing his hands together, no need for a genie, and contemplating 
relinquishing the ball. None for 19 off 4 overs, and he looked capable 
of dismissals. The Shizuoka tail had been exposed.
He was almost right was Biju. The Porno Star was next in. Keen to smack 
'em around, but bitterly disappointed that Biju had been withdrawn from 
the attack ( Bye bye easy runs) he proceeded to take the first delivery 
from Nari Ram on the thigh. Shit, still hurting as I write this. Still I 
smacked him over long on for 4. That made me happy. I also snicked one 
that went straight through the struggling Indian Engineers’ keeper, 
Robert Martineau. That made me even happier! Enough of cricket, time for 
golf, and after a lusty swing it was stumps all over the place. Thanks 
Rahul. Arthur came and went for 1. Then came McTamney. With only about 7 
overs to go the Kytes were looking to get over 200. Nari bowled Neil for 
63. Could the Indians stop the runs?
McTamney went nuts. 23 not out. Kytes scored 37 in the last 5 overs to 
post a respectable 212. McTamney had the pleasure to be another Shizuoka 
batsman to watch our own bunny Shoaib Aziz run himself out again. 
Perhaps his teammates screaming "Run him out, run him out!" added to the 
tension in the middle. Still Shoaib could have learnt something from 
watching McTamney dive towards the crease on a tight run ,squeezing his 
nut between flicx pitch and box! Good on ya, mate. Shoaib departed with 
one ball to go. In came Kieran File( saviour of the last game). He did 
bugger all and that was it. Kytes 212.
Of course Biju was sweating, and it wasn't because of the curry lunch 
(the Warrior assures me it was a sweat raiser). Could they do it? 213 to 
win of 35.

The Engineers introduced us to Vimal and Viswa. With a long road to 
travel they started strongly. The runs were coming, but Vimal was lulled 
into a false sense of security by the cagey McKenna. After a series of 
wide deliveries Robb decided to put one on the mark and it was sayonara 
Vimal. Enter Prakash, with Viswa settled and looking at 50. In an 
unusual move, Sharpe elected to come over the wicket. No more snicks for 
Viswa, just stumps all over the place. His demon had come home to roost 
again. Was that the 5th time in a row Sharpe has taken out Viswa? This 
brought that hard core cricketer, Nari Ram, playing his last game before 
shipping off to Shag Hai to the middle.
By now the Berserk Warrior had joined the attack. Prakash was just 
starting to look settled when he was subjected to one of the rankest 
full tosses it has ever been my displeasure to witness. Who could have 
believed that he would fall to that old trick of the Berserk Warrior. 
Bad luck Prakash. Don't let it get you down, mate. You are not the 
first. As they say 'Shit gets wickets' (This does not apply to Biju, 
OK). Still you were unlucky.
In came Sanjeeb Sahoo to join Nari and turn the game. For my money, 
Sanjeeb was the second best batsman for the Engineers. Only 17 but he 
hung in there when the pressure was on. Nari was punishing anything on 
middle or leg. Robb McKenna had quite a workout in the outfield. These 
two were instrumental in putting on a 4th wicket partnership of 78! The 
Indians were looking real good at this point! A 4 here and there. The 
occasional 6 and it could have been theirs. Nari took to the soon to be 
depleted Kytes attack. After 18 overs the Engineers were 131 and looking 
at a win!
However they, along with us, were not expecting Todd's tireless 
performance. Dot ball after dot ball. A wicket maiden. Followed by 
another maiden. A bowling performance never before seen by the lanky 
Kiwi. Shannon finished up his 7 overs, none for 37.
Then came McTamney! Kieran went up, McTamney went up, we went up in 
sympathy and Bilby threw the finger up in a show of support. Bad luck 
Nari, but a bloody good innings. If things don't work out in Shag Hai 
there is always a place for you on our team! In comes Biju. Solid ! 
Taking sneaky runs. Upsetting Sharpe and casting a dismal fog over the 
whole of the Kytes team (except McKenna). It looked like Biju may just 
pull it off, that is until he tried to take too much. . . . I was upside 
down, shitty cause I'd lost my porno glasses, didn't know where the ball 
was (not in my hand) then I saw it. Then I saw Biju halfway down the 
pitch, then I saw McKenna at the stumps, then I saw revenge, then I 
threw the ball, then I saw Biju walking to the boundary. Then I was 
happy. At that point it was ours. The fog had lifted. There was naught 
for the Engineers. Dot balls and singles. We won by 6 runs! Yeah!
Overall a great game. Down to the wire and played in the truest spirit! 
Our friendliest enemies. A great BBQ after the game. Chicken the meat of 
choice. Of course we love to have the Engineers as our guests and we 
hope they too had a good day. I'm sure they did. Come again lads and see 
how you fare then.
This may sound unbelievable, but as I am writing this report I think I 
will take it into my own hands and nominate Todd Phillips as Man of the 
Match! Enjoy it, mate, it could be the last time. . . . . . . Or maybe not.

A postscript.
As for Robert, the Engineers thought they were clever to get him into 
their team so they could control him and he would give them minimal 
aggravation - WRONG. He was planted there by us surreptitiously. . . . . 
. . Think about it.
Actually many thanks must go to Robert for the hard work he has done at 
the ground, for the club (for us) and for cricket in the Kanto area in 
general. If it wasn't for the hard work that Robert has put in, we 
wouldn't have had the chance to cream the Engineers on Sunday! Even 
more, Robert has been playing here in Shizuoka for 20 years. I wonder 
how many of us will be able to say the same in the future.

Good on you, mate. Hope you keep for the opposition next year, too.