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Japan Cricket Association Press Release: 
Mark McTamney resigns as the head coach of the Japan National Cricket Team: 
The Japan Cricket Association today announced the resignation of Mark McTamney as the Head Coach of the Japan National Cricket Team. With the pending arrival of his second child early next year in addition to other duties entailed with running his own business, time commitments required to continue coaching the National Side were the main factors in Mr McTamney's decision. 
Read detailed Release HERE>> 

JCA Announcement: 
The Japan Cricket Association is pleased to invite applications for the position of National Team Coach within the JCA National Teams Program. 
Please read the full announcement HERE>>  and for people inerested, copy the application HERE>> and send it to Robb McKenna at: robbmckenna@hotmail.com   

28/11/2004: IECC NEWLETTER 
Check HERE for the latest cricket news in Japan and elsewhere as gathered by the Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C.! 
Featuring: +  JCA forms its first U-19 team 
+  Japan in Hong Kong Sixes - Full report 
+  Unreported KCL record 
+  Tokyo Wombats win the Pacific Cup 
+  Cricket Australia director visits Japan 
+  Two Japanese players selected for the EAP XI squad for 2005 
+  Waratah World Cricket Sixes Tournament 
+  Best of the web 
+  Shizuoka Kytes celebrate 20 years of existence 
+  Possible New cricket ground at Tachikawa 
+  Snippet of the Month 
+  Trivial facts from our Archives 

Ian Gason of Tokyo Wombats C.C. reports on his trip to India: 
Local boy Ian Gason of Tokyo Wombats recently made a trip to Mumbai to witness the Aussies wrap up(!) the Border-Gavaskar trophy 3-0 but the atmosphere in the final session alone was worth the airfare, he says. 

Shizuoka Kytes C.C. 20th Anniversary series: 
Shizuoka Kytes completes its celebrations with another thrilling win! 

Bilbo, Maka & Cagey
Shizuoka Kytes C.C.: 212/7 (35 overs) (N. Harrison, 63; T. Phillips, 45; Extras, 35; Rahul, 3/22)  
Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C.: 206/9 (35 overs) (nari Ram, 45; Viswa Ghosh, 35) 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C. won by 6 runs 
Look at the pictures. 19 of them, blimey!!>> 
Read Report by Nicholas Shannon here>> 

23/11/2004:Japan Under-19 beat Keio University 
Keio University C.C.: 60 (27 overs) (Nakano, 5/6; Hayashi, 3/7) 
Japan Under-19: 64/7 (20.5 overs) 
Japan Under-19 won by 3 wickets 
This was the first official match played by the Japan Under-19 as part of developing and Under-19 side, a prerequisite for ICC Associate membership 

23/11/2004: ICC Development Program Awards 2004 Media Release: 
ICC launches third annual ICC Development Program Awards 
Local organisers encouraged to send in applications. Check following site: http://www.icc-developmentawards.com 
The International Cricket Council today launched the third annual ICC Development Program Awards. 
The awards recognise exceptional performance and service to the game in countries outside of the ICC’s 10 Full Member Countries and form part of the ICC’s commitment to promoting excellence in cricket development in the 82 Associate and Affiliate member countries.  
ICC Global Development Manager Matthew Kennedy explained that the awards serve an important role in encouraging countries, schools, clubs and individuals to continue and enhance their cricket development initiatives by formally recognising their achievements. 
Regional nominations close on 31 January 2005 and regional winners will be announced on the 28 February 2005.  
The ICC judging panel will then select a global winner from the five regional nominations in each category, to be announced on 31 March 2005. 
Application forms will be distributed directly to Associate and Affiliate Member countries over the coming days. For any further details of this year’s awards, details of last year’s winners or to apply online, visit the official website http://www.icc-developmentawards.com/ 
ICC East Asia-Pacific Contact: 
Russell James 
ICC EAP Project Officer 
Tel: +61 3 9653 9924 
Email: rjames@cricket.com.au 

Tokyo Wombats add more silverware to their season by winning the Pacific Cup Final! 
Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C.: 158/7 (35 overs) (Vimal Vikram, 46, Ashok Sharma, 34; Viswa Gosh, 33) 
Tokyo Wombats C.C.:  160/4 (29 overs) (C. Jones, 58*) 
Tokyo Wombats C.C. won by 6 wickets 
Umpires: N. Harrison & R-G. Martineau 
Read Report by Ian Gason here>> 
Read Report by Biju Paul here>> 

14/11/2004 New Zealand to face with EAP squad in net session in Brisbane including 2 members of the Japanese National Squad! 

Japanese national team wicketkeeper Tetsuro Chino (left) and Pakistani-born Munir Ahmed (right) talk with Australian bowler Michael Kasprowicz during training for the first test match against New Zealand at the Gabba in Brisbane, Australia. 
New Zealand’s Test squad will face a bowling line-up with a difference ahead of the first Test against Australia in Brisbane this month, with 20 leading players from the East Asia-Pacific (EAP) region set to put the Black Caps through their paces in a net session at the Gabba on 17 November. 
The EAP regional players will be in Brisbane for a two-week camp (8-19 November) at the Commonwealth Bank Centre of Excellence, where they will undertake specialist coaching and training from Australia’s leading coaches.  
The session takes place the day before the opening Test between Australia and New Zealand at the ‘Gabba (18 November) and presents a huge bonus for the players, giving them the opportunity to pit their skills against elite international cricketers. 
Featuring the premier cricketers from the ICC’s Associate and Affiliate countries in the East Asia-Pacific region, the 20-player squad includes 13 players from Papua New Guinea, two from Fiji and Japan, and one each from Vanuatu, Tonga and the Cook Islands 
The squad was selected to attend the camp based on their performances at country and representative level over the past 12 months. 
At the end of the camp, a 14-member squad will be chosen to represent the EAP region at the Australian Country Cricket Championships (ACCC) to be staged in Lismore, northern New South Wales, in January. 
International Cricket Council EAP Regional Development Officer Martin Gleeson said the camp was one of the most important development programs run by the ICC in the East Asia-Pacific region. 
“The ICC EAP development program covers various tournaments, clinics and camps in different locations throughout East Asia-Pacific, but this camp is one of the few activities to be run in Australia and that opens up several opportunities for the players,” said Mr Gleeson. 
“The camp is a great opportunity for the leading EAP players to come together and improve their skills under the tutelage of the coaches at the Commonwealth Bank Centre of Excellence. 
“As the camp is being held around the time of the first Test in Brisbane, it also gives us the chance to build in other components that the players don’t normally have access to, such as joining a net session with New Zealand and watching a day of the Test match at the ‘Gabba. 
“The EAP players get to see precious little international cricket close-up, but to be able to bowl to their heroes in the nets, observe elite training standards, and attend a match greatly reinforces the messages of the camp.  
“The players will be working hard at the camp as they strive to be selected in the Australian Country Cricket Championships. It’s a great honour for those who are chosen to represent the EAP at this competiti0n. 
“The experience the players will gain will really contribute to their personal development, and also help in the development of cricket across the region generally.” 
The ACCC involves the best country cricketers around Australia. The EAP team will be coached at the tournament by Mr Gleeson 
“The EAP region would also like to acknowledge the support of Cricket Australia, whose generous grant allows the best players in EAP to develop their skills at the Centre of Excellence and prepare for the upcoming Championships,” added Mr Gleeson 
The International Cricket Council (ICC) East Asia-Pacific (EAP) region was established in 1999, two years after the commencement of the ICC’s global Development Program 
The ICC East Asia-Pacific (EAP) Program is based in Australia at the offices of Cricket Australia. The Region, supported by Australia & New Zealand as ICC Full members, comprises: Fiji, Papua New Guinea (ICC Associate Members), Cook Islands, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Samoa, South Korea, Tonga and Vanuatu (ICC Affiliate Members) 
The 20-players attending the camp are: 
Munir Ahmed (Japan), Chris Amini (PNG), Hitolo Areni (PNG), Inoa Baeau (PNG), Jamie Brazier (PNG), Tetsuro Chino (Japan), Kohu Dai (PNG), Mahuru Dai (PNG), Rarua Dikana (PNG), Dunu Eliaba (Cook Islands), Toka Gaudi (PNG), Mafi Langi (Tonga), Navu Maha (PNG), Andrew Mansale (Vanuatu) Ipi Morea (PNG), John Ovia (PNG), Kitiano Tavo (Fiji), Waisake Tukana (Fiji), Arua Uda (Papua New Guinea), Wala Vala (PNG).  

Shizuoka Kytes C.C. 20th Anniversary series: 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C. squeeze past with 1 ball to spare over the Tokyo Brtish Embassy C.C. in the thriller of the year: 
Tokyo British Embassy C.c.: 158 (K. Irie, 65, N. Shannon, 3/15) 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C.: 159/7 (M. Sharpe, 39; K. File, 33) 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C. won 3 wickets 
Read Report by Robb McKenna here>> 

Mr. O'Connor, Vice-Chairman Of Cricket Australia visits Japan: 
The vice-Chairman of Cricket Australia visited the Fuji and Shizuoka Grounds as part of a survey in view to consider the JCA as a new Associate member of the ICC. Subsequently talks were conducted about Under-19 and Under-15 Squads programs. 

Shizuoka Kytes C.C. 20th Anniversary series: 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C. beat new club Golden Sachs C.C. 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C.: 217/4 (A. Harvey, 67, Lalith Prelis 43; Deepak, 3/21) 
Golden Sachs C.C.: 173 (Seane, 63; D. davies, 32; A. McCloy, 4/40; M. Sharpe, 3/30) 
Shizuoka kytes C.C. won by 44 runs 

Japanese teams doing well in Hong Kong 6's, especially the ladies and Ema Kuribayashi (Wyverns C.C.)! 
Read Report from Robb McKenna here>> 

Kanto Cricket league: 
FINAL: Tokyo Giants won record fourth consecutive Final with emphatic win over Yokohama C. & A.C.: 

(Pic courtesy of R.A. Fordyce/Click on pic forbetter details!)
Yokohama C. & A.C.: 128 (36.4 overs) (D. Price, 39; S. Parsons, 31; Hamid Saeed, 5/12) 
Tokyo Giants C.C.: 130/4 (15.1 overs) (Sajjad Hassan, 75, Avinash Jadhav, 3/26) 
Tokyo Giants C.C. won by 6 wickets 
Umpires: A. McCloy & M. McTamney 
Scorer: R-G. Martineau 

Pacific Cup Semi-final: 
Tokyo Wombats C.C. demolish Shizuoka Kytes C.C. 
Tokyo wombats C.C.: 223/7 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C.: 36 
Tokyo Wombats C.C. won by 187 runs 

JAPAN will take part in 2005 EAP Tournament in Vanuatu! 
Read ICC-EAP's Tim Anderson' Media release here>> 

Kanto Cricket League 
Division 1 Semi-final: 
Tokyo Giants C.C. overwhelms Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C.: 
Tokyo Giants C.C.: 349/8 (40 overs) (Hamid Saeed, 89; Razzaq Chima, 82, Mumtaz Alam, 33) 
Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C.: 197/9 (40 overs) (Nari Ram, 51, Sriram Sampath, 41; Hamid Saeed, 3 wickets) 
Tokyo Giants C.C. won by 152 runs 
Umpires: A. McCloy & M. McTamney 

Division 2 Final: 
Tokyo Wombats convincingly beat off Lalazar Sports C.C.'s challenge: 
Tokyo Wombats C.C.: 201/4 (40 overs) (S. Burke, 56*; J. Shearer, 39, C. Jones, 36) 
Lalazar Sports C.C.: 111 (27.5 overs) (R. Mann, 4/16; A. Hall, 3/20) 
Tokyo Wombats c.C. won by 90 runs 
Umpires: N. Harrison & R. McKenna 
Scorer: R-G. Martineau 
Groundsmen: T. Phillips & N. Sahnnon 

Inclement weather brings about the postponment of Division 2 Final and Division 1 Semi-final 

Interport Match: 
Yokohama C. & A.C. beats off Kobe R. A.C.' challenge: 

Kanto Cricket league: 
Division 1 Semi-finals: 
Yokohama C. & A.C. squeeze past Friends XI C.C. 
Yokohama C. & A.C.: 204 (35 overs) (Kamran Ali, 64; S. Parsons, 49; Dinesh Singh, 41) 
Friends XI C.C.: 195 (34 overs) (Asad Ali, 51; Umar Farooq, 38;Alok Rakyan, 3/23; Kamran Ali, 3/29) 
Yokohama C. & A.C. won by 9 runs 
Umpire: A. McCloy & K. Orita 

Torrential  rains postpone Semi-final between Tokyo Giants C.C. and Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C. 

Division 2 Semi-Finals: 
Tokyo Wombats C.C. pulverize hapless Ichihara C.C.: 
Tokyo Wombats C.C.: 307/6 (40 overs) (S. Burke, 104; R. Conway, 70, J. Shearer, 57) 
Ichihara C.C.: 36 (9.2 overs) (I. Gason, 5/20; N. Koolhof, 4/16) 
Tokyo Wombats C.C. won by 271 runs 
Umpire: R-G. Martineau 

Lalazar Sports C.C. overwhelms courageous MAX C.C.: 
Lalazar Sports C.C.: 258/9 (40 overs) (Amjad Mirza, 74; jamil Malik, 56, Ahmed Gulzar, 35) 
MAX C.C. 46 (20.1 overs) (Aqeel Ur Rehman, 5/12; Arshad Bhutta, 3/13) 
Lalazar Sports C.C. won by 212 runs 
Umpire: D. Envall 
Scorers: Maki Nishina & Kaori Kato 

Kanto Cricket league: 
Division 1 
Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C. successfully chase Millennium's challenging total with 3 balls left to practically qualify for the Semi-finals!: 
Millennium C.C.: 249/7 (40 overs) (T. Fuji, 70; Munir Ahmed, 65, Mohammad Rizwan, 32, T. Iida, 30, Sanjeeb Sahoo, 3/37) 
Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C.: 250/9 (39.4 overs) (Sriram Sampath, 78, Nari ram, 50, Viswath Gosh, 38; Munir Ahmed, 3/27) 
Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C. won by 1 wicket 
Umpire: Kamran Ali 

Friends XI C.C. squeeze past Millennium C.C. in last game before play-offs to confirm their second place. Wyverns C.C. and Fuji far East C.C. are demoted to Division 2: 
Friends XI C.C.: 226 (38 overs) (Naeem Ud Din, 77; Asad Ali, 65; T. Yano, 3/33) 
Millennium C.C.: 214 (38.1 overs) (K. Matsushita, 70; T. Fuji, 40; Umr Farooq, 3/30) 
Friends XI C.C. won by 12 runs 
Umpire: A. McCloy 

Friendly: Wyverns crush a made-up Kytes team: 
Wyverns 227/9 (40 overs) (Edagawa 55; Anajna 37; Noguchi 30, N. Harrison, 3/46) 
The Real KCL All Stars 78 (24.4 overs) ( Mori 4/34; Anajna 3/11) 
Wyverns C.C. won by 149 runs 

Kanto Cricket league: 6 records broken! 
Division 1: 
Avinash Jadhav's bowling record and another record 7th-wicket  partnership see Yokohama C. & A.C. cruise against Millennium C.C. to qualify for the semi-finals:  
Yokohama C. & A.C.: 246 (40 overs) (Kamran Ali, 52, T. Hill, 46*, M. Ito, 3/39). 7th-wicket partnership record: 64* (T. Hill/M. Davis)  
Millennium C.C.: 101 (29.2 overs) (Avinash Jadhav, 6/11; Kamran Ali, 3/20)  
Yokohama C. & A.C. won by 145 runs  
Umpire: Sheikh Nisar Ahmed 

Division 2: 
Ichihara C.C. confirms against courageous MAX C.C. thanks to N. Creece's second century of the season and new 2nd-wicket record partnership: 
Ichihara C.C.: 250 (39.3 overs) (N. Creece, 129; D. Lollback, 50; Extras, 32; Y. Fukuyama, 3/30) 2nd-wicket partnership record: 195 (D. Lollback & N. Creece)  
MAX C.C.: 190 (34.5 overs) (M. Hirayama, 62; T. Yamada, 60; Extras, 41; C. Thurgate, 3/2; D. Lollback, 3/32) New Japanese partnership record: 122 (M. Hirayama & T. Yamada) 
Ichihara C.C. won by 60 runs 
Umpires: R-G. Martineau & N. Shannon 
Scorers: R. Echiga & Y. Togashi 

Lalazar Sports C.C. crushes unhappy Adore C.C.thanks to a record 5th-wicket partnership and fastest century by Ahmed Gulzar (41 balls): 
Lalazar Sports C.C.: 300/4 (Gulzar Ahmed, 108*, Muhammad Idrees, 52; Amjad Mirza, 52*, Younus Mansoori, 32; Extras, 38). 5th wicket partnership: 144* (Ahmed gulzar/Amjad Mirza) 
Adore C.C.: 117 (38.2 overs)(Extras, 38; Aqeel Ur Rehman, 3/6) 
Lalazar Sports C.C. won by 183 runs 
Umpires: A. McCloy & N. Harrison 

Tokyo Bay Districts C.C. ends mediocre season on a sad note: 
Tokyo Wombats C.C. beat Tokyo Bay Districts C.C. by walkover 

Updated information from Robb McKenna.  
Check HERE to make sure you know all about it! 

Kanto Cricket League: Typhoon No 18 wrecks the day: 
Division 1: 
Friends XI C.C. Tokyo Giants C.C. (Saitama/A. King) 
Drawn (rained out) 
Dicision 2: 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C. vs. Tokyo Bay Districts C.C. (Shizuoka/Nari Ram) 
Drawn (rained out) 
Wombats C.C. vs. Ichihara C.C. (Fuji 2/K. Imamura) 
Drawn (rained out) 

YCAC 6-a-side Festival 
Yokohama Country & Athletics Club finally wins after a 17-year long wait! 

The CATS Cricket Club (Ladies) have started their own Homepage (in Japanese)!: 
For more details check the following site: 

Final Standings: 
1) Japan national Team (2 wins, 1 loss, +0.41) 
2) KCL All Stars (2 wins, 1 loss, +0.292 
3) JCA Board XI (2 wins, 1 loss, -0.234) 
4) Bangladesh Discovery Academy (3 losses) 

Click HERE for bigger picture and more details
(Photographs courtesy of Andrew King)
JAPAN National Team turn the tables on last game thanks to Razzaq Chima's 73* in 35 balls: 
Bangladesh Discovery Academy: 215 (48.3 overs) (Mohammed Kaoser Hossain, 49; Chayon Raj Bangshi, 43; Shahrear Ibn Mozammel, 39; N. Saida, 4/25) 
Japan National Team: 218/6 (39.5 overs) (Razzaq Chima, 73*; J. Hanada, 60; Mohammad Rizwan, 37))  
Japan National Team won by 4 wickets  
Umpires: A. McCloy & C. Thurgate  
MVP: Razzaq Chima  

JCA Board XI's remarkable victory over the KCL All Stars to no avail: 
JCA Board XI: 290 (50 overs) (Shariful, 113; nari ram, 32; AAmir Ali, 3/51)) 
KCL All Stars: 285 (48.2 overs) (Umar Farooq, 117; Amjad Hussain, 58; Nari Ram, 4/36) 
JCA Board XI won by 5 runs 
Umpires: N. Harrison & R. McKenna 
MVP: Shariful 

JAPAN FRIENDSHIP CUP: JAPAN NATIONAL TEAM bounces back to convincingly beat JCA BOARD XI: 
Japan National Team: 201 (43.3 overs) (Razzaq Chima, 62; Munir Ahmed, 50; Naeem Uddin, 4/26; K. Wadano, 3/59) 
JCA Board XI: 159 (44.2 overs) (Naeem Uddin, 53; Munir Ahmed, 5/31; A. King, 3/25) 
Japan National Team won by 42 runs 
Umpires: D. Envall & D. D. Lollback 
MVP: Munir Ahmed 

Sriram Sampath's ton helps KCL ALL STARS squeeze past BANGLADESH DISCOVERY ACADEMY in last over: 
Bangladesh Discovery Academy: 249/9 (Shobuj Islam 105*; Shahrear Ibn Mozammel, 52; D. Gleeson, 3/37)  
KCL All Stars: 250/9 (Sriram Sampath, 121; Shahrear Ibn Mozammel, 4/44)  
KCL All Stars won by 1 wicket  
Umpires: G. Brady & N. Harrison  
MVP: Sriram Sampath 

Jarrad Shearer's century helps JCA BOARD XI squeeze past BANGLADESH DISCOVERY ACADEMY in the tightest of encounters! 
JCA Board XI: 249 (49.3 overs) (J. Shearer, 106; Jahangeer Babar, 48; Chayon Raj Bangshi, 4/50; Mohammed Kaoser Hossain, 3/34) )  
Bangladesh Discovery Academy: 247(49.4 overs)  (Shahrear Ibn Mozammel, 55; Nazril, 49; Mohammed Kaoser Hossain, 37; I. Gason, 3/68) 
JCA Board XI won by 2 wickets 
Umpire: N. Harrison 
MVP: Jarrad Shearer 

KCL ALL STARS' all-round batting too strong for JAPAN NATIONAL TEAM: 
Japan National Team: 239 (48 overs) (Mumtaz Alam, 58; S. Nakamura, 33; M. Ferris, 31; Ahmad kamal, 3/32; Alamgeer Babar, 3/46) 
KCL All Stars: 240/8 (41.2 overs) (Aamir Ali, 60; Kamran Ali, 56; D. Gleeson, 52; Mumtaz Alam, 4/41) 
KCL All Stars won by 2 wickets   
Umpire: Robb McKenna 
MVP: Mumtaz Alam 

New Club in Kyushu: 
Whenerver you have a chance to be, play or visit Oita Prefecture in Kyushu, contact: 
Club Name   APU Cricket Club 
Representative    Waheed Zafar 
Adress  APU Cricket Club Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University 
1-1 Jumonjibaru, Beppu, Oita 874-8577 JAPAN  
Mobile Phone  080-5217-0277 
PC E-Mail  apucricketclub@yahoo.com 

Kanto Cricket league Division 1: 
Yokohama C. & A.C. have to thank Mark Ferris in rain-shortened encounter for getting them out of the relegation zone and keep an option for the semi-finals! 
Tokyo Giants: 130/8 (20 overs) (Malik Naseem, 51*) 
Yokohama C. & A.C.: 135/3 (18 overs) (M. Ferris, 84*) 
Yokohama C. & A.C. won by 7 wickets. 
Umpire: A. McCloy 

Rain intervenes again! 
Friends XI C.C. vs. Tokyo Indian Engiineers C.C.: Drawn (washed out) 

Division 2: 
Tokyo Bay Districts C.C. vs. Edogawa falcons C.C.: Drawn (washed out) 

Kanto Cricket league division 2: 
Lalazar sports C.C. confirms againts Edogawa Falcons C.C. 
Lalazar Sports C.C.: 234 (30.5 overs) (Extras, 71; Ahmed Gulzar, 54; Amjad Mirza, 43; Ruwan Ganegama, 3/54) 
Edogawa Falcons C.C.: 162 (36 overs) (Arshad Bhutta, 4/30) 
Lalazar Sports C.C. won by 72 runs 
Umpires: Sunil Khandelwal & J. Hanada 

Wombats C.C. subdue courageous Adore C.C. 
Tokyo Wombats C.C.: 155/8 (40 overs) (C. Jones, 42; Extras, 33) 
Adore C.C.: 105 (33.2 overs) (G. Brady, 32; A. Koolhof, 3/19; A. Hall, 3/25) 
Tokyo Wombats C.C. won by 50 runs 
Umpire: A. McCloy 

Shizuoka Kytes C.C. get their revenge against Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C. 
Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C.: 129 (31 overs) (Extras, 41; M. Stewrd, 4/16) 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C.: 120/3 (29.5 overs) (J. Chamberlain, 54*) 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C. won by 7 wickets 

New updated information from Robb McKenna. Check HERE to make sure you know all about it! 

Kanto Cricket league Division 1: 
Both Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C. and Yokohama C. & A.C. beat the odds to ease off from the relegation zone: 
Wyverns C.C.: 164/8 (40 overs) (Y. Hirose, 47; J. Hanada, 30; Ashok Sharma, 3/32) 
Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C.: 166/5 (32.1 overs) (Viswa Ghosh, 49) 
Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C. won by 5 wickets 
Umpires: A. McCloy & N. Harrison 
Scorer: R-G. Martineau 

Friends XI C.C.: 152 (37 overs) (Naeem ud Din, 45; Avinash Jadhav, 4/20) 
Yokohama C. & A.C.: 153/7 (36.1 overs) (D. Price, 52) 
Yokohama C. & A.C. won by 3 wickets 
Umpire: Sheikh Nisar Ahmed 

Kanto Cricket League 2: 
Max C.C. almost certain to qualify for semi-finals after Edogawa Falcons second successive walkover. 
Max C.C. vs. Edogawa Falcons C.C.: Max C.C. won by walkover 

Late report from Game between Japan "A" and South Korea played last month by Jarrad Shearer: 
Japan ‘A’ overwhelmed a young and inexperienced Korean side at Fuji convincing winners by 222 runs. 
Japan ’A’ started the day by losing the toss, and the Koreans invited them to bat. The Japanese openers started positively with a 133 run opening stand in just 23 overs and were both seldom troubled. Korea struck finally when Kitamura lustily played and missed while on 45 and had his middle stump removed by gentle medium pacer Song.  
Saito came to the crease to join Iida and the pair briskly moved the total to 171 without taking too many risks. However Saito was another victim to the ‘airy’, and had his stumps shattered once again by Song.  
The next batsman Sugimoto didn’t take long to get going and joined Iida in some lusty hitting, sending the Koreans to all parts of the boundary. The Koreans fielded desperately and only some good work on their part stopped the 2 Japanese batsmen from scoring more boundaries. It seems Iida grew tired of the Koreans stopping seemingly boundaries and decided to go over the top with a big 6 over the cow corner boundary. Not long afterward, he brought up his 100, the first century by a Japanese player in an international match. 
Sugimoto’s innings of 24, including 4 boundaries, came to an end with the score on 236 in the 33rd over. 
Not content with a score of around 280, the Japanese batsmen hit out and in the final 7 overs scored at about 10 an over to finish on 4-302, with Iida carrying his bat to be not out 137, but not before he survived an unusual incident on the final ball of the innings; Iida played and missed and the ball brushed the outside of leg stump but amazingly the bails were not dislodged. In fact the bail on leg and middle stump did not move at all, and the bail on off and middle stump was half dislodged only to lodge between middle and off stump. The innings was declared closed but not before the umpires scrambled to consult the rule book in an incident neither had seen before. Determining that the bail(s) had to be completely dislodged, Iida was ruled not out. 
Korea started solidly and had moved on to 23 in five overs when Ito struck, finding a thick outside edge to remove H.S. Kim. With the very next ball, Ito removed the incoming bastman’s middle stump with an off-cutter that went through the batsman’s bat and pad. 
The Korean batsman then fought back to take Korea to 53 and concern went through the Japanese camp. But Japan fought back, with Edagawa taking 2 quick wickets in one over either side of drinks. First he rearraaged Choi’s word-work, and then a few balls later, had H.J. Kim trapped in front LBW.  
Japan then piled on the pressure and a few overs later Kazamatsuri joined in the fun with two quick wickets; the first one caught down leg side by the keeper after the batsmen had just gotten a bit og bat on it, and then 2 balls later trapping the batsman on the back foot plum in front LBW. 
By this stage it was all over bar the shouting, but full credit to the Koreans for fighting on. They didn’t score too many runs but they didn’t give away their wickets without a fight either. 
Japan finally finished off the tail with Murata bowling C.B. Park for a run-a-ball 9. The Korean captain carried his bat to finish not out for a hard fought 26. 
Man of the Match was Iida for his superb 137 not out. A one-sided but nonetheless entertaining game of cricket, so much so that Japan has pledged to play a return match in Korea sometime next year. Lets hope this is the start of a fruitful cricketing exchange between the 2 nations 

Kanto Cricket League 1: 
British Embassy C.C.'s emphatic win secures their spot in Division 1 in 2005 and provides them with an outside chance to qualify for the semi-finals in spite of three storm stoppages!: 
Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C.: 140 (29.5 overs) (Extras, 45; A. King, 3/31) 
Tokyo British Embassy C.C.: 143/0 (35 overs) (A. Pritchard, 64*; D. Envall, 33*; Extras, 46) 
Tokyo British Embassy C.C. won by 10 wickets 
Umpires: N. Harrison & R-G. Martineau 

Kanto Cricket League 1: 
Tokyo British Embassy C.C. get their first win in an effort to get away from the relegation zone! 
Yokohama C. & A.C.: 110 (27.3 overs) (M. Davis, 47)  
Tokyo British Embassy C.C.: 111/5 (24.1 overs) (A. Winston, 32; Extras, 38) 
Tokyo British Embassy C.C. won by 5 wickets 
Umpire: Courtney Jones 

Friends XI C.C. confirm against Fuji Far East C.C. in record few wickets game and a record-breaking first wicket partnership of 173 by Umar Farooq and Naeem Ud Din!: 
Fuji Far East C.C.: 210/3 (40 overs) (H. Takahashi, 70; T. Sugimoto, 45*, M. McTamney, 33*; Extras, 35) 
Friends XI C.C.: 214/2 (22.3 overs) (Naeem Ud Din, 90; Umar Farooq, 70) 
Friends XI C.C. won by 8 wickets 
Umpire: Jarrad Shearer 

Division 2: 
Lalazar Sports C.C. secure their position in low-scoring game agaisnt depleted Ichihara C.C.!: 
Lalazar Sports C.C.: 135 (24.5 overs) (Amjad Mirza, 50; N. Creece, 4/30; B. Walters, 3/28) 
Ichihara C.C.: 96 (32.2 overs)  
Lalazar Sports C.C. won by 39 runs  
Umpire: Robert-Gilles Martineau 

Tokyo Bay Districts C.C. concede walkover win to Adore C.C.: 
Adore C.C. beat Tokyo bay Districts C.C. by walkover 

Kanto Cricket League  
Division 1: 
Tokyo Giants confirm superiority over Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C.in spite of Sriram Sampath's fastest ever hundred (65 balls) 
Tokyo Giants C.C. : 254 (40 overs) (Sajjad Hassan, 62; Hamid Saeed, 59, Razzaq Chima, 31; Narim Ram, 3/34) 
Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C.: 193 (33.2 overs) (Sriram Sampath, 105; Mumtaz Alam, 3/28; Hamid Saeed, 3, 50) 
Tokyo Giantts C.C. won by 62 runs 
Umpire: David Lollback 

Sudden hailstorm wrecks the day in Fuji: 
Division 1: 
Fuji Far East C.C. vs. Tokyo British Embassy C.C.: Drawn (washed out) 

Division 2: 
Tokyo Bay Districts C.C. vs. MAX C.C.: Drawn (rained out) 
Tokyo Wombats beat Edogawa Falcons C.C. by walkover 

Kanto Cricket League: 
Division 1: 
Fuji Far East C.C. bowlers send Yokohama C. & A.C. packing in another upset: 
Fuji Far East C.C.: 169/9 (40 overs) (H. Takahashi, 38; Extras, 35; Kamran Ali, 3/32) 
Yokohama C. & A.C.: 102 (30.4 overs) (Avinash Jadhav, 31; N. Tainaka, 4/31; J. Saito, 3/27 
Fuji Far East C.C. won by 67 runs 
Umpire: Chris Thurgate 

Tokyo Giants C.C. successfully chased Millennium C.C.'s high target to confirm they shall the team to beat again!: 
Millennium C.C.: 249 (40 overs) (Munir Ahmed, 63, Mohammad Rizwan, 62; Extras, 33; Razzaq chima, 3/40; Amir Sohail, 3/30) 
Tokyo Giants C.C.: 253/5  (33 overs) (Razzaq Chima, 62*; Hamid Saeed,3/ 43; Sajjad hassan, 39, Amjad Hussain, 33; Extras, 32;  Y. Matsubara, 3/50) 
Tokyo Giants C.C. won by 4 wickets 
Umpire: Andrew King 

Division 2: 
T. Yamaguchi and M. Hirayama score first-ever 100-partnership by Japanese players from an exclusively Japanese team to upset Shizuoka Kytes C.C.!: 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C.: 130 (38.4 overs) (T. Phillips, 45; Extras, 31; K. Kitamura, 4/31) 
MAX C.C.: 131/2 (30.4 overs) (T. Yamaguchi, 59*, M. Hirayama, 37) 
MAX C.C. won by 8 wickets 
Umpire: Vimal Vikrant 
Scorers: Yukiko Togashi & Robert-Gilles Martineau 

Lalazar Sports C.C. confirm against Tokyo Bay Districts C.C.: 
Lalazar Sports C.C.: 230 (28.4 overs) (Gulzar Ahmed, 66; Amjad Mirza, 48; Syed Ejaz Ashraf, 38; Extras, 30; Mayank dabral, 3/23) 
Tokyo Bay Districts C.C.: 138 (29 overs) (Arshad Bhutta, 4/14; Shahbaz Butt, 3/9) 
Lalazar Sports C.C. won by 92 runs 
Umpires: K. Edagawa & T. Chino 

Message from Russel James! 
Hello to all those involved in the ICC East Asia-Pacific Cricket Challenge!  I hope you have all well and truly recovered with the tournament now a month behind us. 
I had hoped to send this email a little earlier however I have only just arrived back in the office after a month's holiday. 
On behalf of the ICC East Asia-Pacific Region, particularly myself, I just wanted to pass on my sincere thanks and congratulations to all involved in the tournament - I'm sure you will all agree that it was a resounding success.  Although I never really had any doubts as to the ability of the JCA to pull off a successful event, tournaments of any size are always difficult to manage, so it was pleasing from my point of view that things ran so smoothly.  This was no doubt due to the meticulous planning and preparation of the organising committee - for this I again congratulate you on a job well done. 
I hope all of those directly or indirectly involved in the tournament are proud of their efforts - Tim, Martin and myself are certainly proud of what you have collectively been able to achieve over the past 10 months or so.  The challenge now is to consolidate on the success of the tournament and ensure that Japan cricket continues to prosper over the coming years. 
On a more personal note, I would again like to thank those organising committee members who provided me with tremendous support in the lead up to the event and during the two weeks I was in Japan, you certainly made my job a little easier.  Specifically, I would like to single out Robert, Kei, Saida, Alex and Mark McTamney for all of their efforts related to the event - great work guys and I cannot thank you enough. 
Look forward to catching up again in the near future. Kind regards 

Friendly: 9 Shizuoka Kytes no match for Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C. in spite of 3 hat-trick chances: 
Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C.: 151 (33.5 overs) (Bobby Phillips, 33; Extras, 32;  N. Harrison, 3/18; S. Akagi, 3/38) 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C.: 82 (25 overs) ( Sanjeeb Sahoo, 4/21) 
Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C. won by 69 runs. 

KCL Umpiring Seminar 
Anton McCloy conducted a very successful and instructive lecture at Okubo sports Plaza, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Everyone truly interested in cricket ought to read the minute of the lecture HERE>> 

Japan Universities Squad announced! 
The Squad of the Japan Universities to play against Korea on 26th June has been announced! 
Please check here for more details>> 

Kanto Cricket League 
Division 1, June 19th: 
Captain T. Fuji helps Millennium C.C. to somehow squeeze past improved Fuji Far East C.C. 
Millennium C.C.: 213 (40 overs) (T. Fuji, 72;  Munir Ahmed, 51; T. Yamamoto, 3/41) 
Fuji Far East C.C.: 206/9 (40 overs) (Mahen Fernando, 53; T. Sugimoto, 44) 
Millennium C.C. won by 7 runs 
Umpire: Kamran Ali 

Division 1, June 20th: 
Gavin Beath's century all but secured Wyverns C.C.'s place in Division 1 in 2005 by beating Yokohama C. & A.C. against the odds!: 
Yokohama C. & A.C.: 197 (40 overs) (Alok Rakyan, 65*; Avinash Jadhav, 56; K. Sakamoto, 3/35) 
Wyverns C.C.: 200/7 (38.1 overs) (G. Beath, 100*; J. Gover, 3/35) 
Wyberns C.C. won by 3 wickets. 
Umpire: Aamir Ali & Munir Ahmed 

Division 2: 
Typhoon No 6 plays havoc: 
Ichihara C.C. vs. Edogawa Falcons C.C.: Drawn (rained out) 
Tokyo Wombats C.C. vs. MAX C.C.: Drawn (rained out) 

Ezo C.C. (Hokkaido) back fron Tour in China! 
Dear All, 
The cricket club has just returned from the "Gweat Rall Cricket Tour of  
China" (not a cheap rip off but the real thing). 
Players from Sapporo, Sakhalin, Delhi and Osaka made up a team to  
challenge a team made from members of the 5 Shanghai clubs. 
We played at a dedicated cricket ground complete with 2 story bar and clubhouse in front of the Dulwich College International School. 
The team met in Beijing and had a quick practice on top of the great  
wall and then flew down to Shanghai for more team bonding and strategy planning at O`Malleys Irish Bar. 
Hungover and not used to the 30c heat we valiantly struggled to come a close second place. Final score was Sapporo/Sakhalin all out for 168  
Shanghai 168 with 1 wicket and one over remaining. 
Tadahiro Kanno took his first wicket and was honoured by being allowed to skull vodka from a sweaty cup - not an experience he enjoyed but he's still getting used to cricket. 
We through down a challenge and will hopefully have a chance at revenge when the Shanghai team visit either Sakhalin or Sapporo. 
Simon Jackson 

Kanto Cricket League 
13th: Division 1: 
Aamir Ali helps Friends XI C.C. overcome depleted and injury-ridden Tokyo Embassy C.C.: 
Friends XI C.C.: 194 (39.5 overs) (Aamir Ali, 57; Extras, 42) 
Tokyo British Embassy C.C. 102 (29.4 overs) (K. Irie, 34; Asad Ali, 3/12) 
Friends XI C.C. won by 92 runs 
Umpires: N. Harrison & R-G. Martineau 

Yokohama C. & A.C. beat  Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C. in second-lowest aggregate match ever! New record for most catches in a single game finally beaten by Sanjeeb sahoo of Tokyo Indian Engineers C.C. (4)! 
Yokohama C. & A.C.: 119 (35 overs) (Kamran Ali, 30Mukesh Kumar, 4/13, Ashok Sharma, 3/22) 
Tokyo Indian Engimeers C.C.: 48 (20.5 overs) (M. Ferris, 3/3; R. Jones, 3/5) 
Yokohama C. & A.C. won by 71 runs 
Umpire: Tauseef Azhar 

Division 2: 
9 Ichihara men squeeze past Tokyo Bay Districts C.C.: 
Ichihara C.C.: 180 (37.4 overs) (C. Thurgate, 46; T. Lodge, 31; B. Parker, 31; Extras, 46; Mayank Dabral, 5/29) 
Tokyo Bay Districts C.C.: 157 (33.1 overs) (T. Kato, 40; S. Chowdhery, 35; Extras, 30; D. Lollback, 4/25; L. Thurlow, 3/14) 
Ichihara C.C. won by 23 runs 
Umpire: T. Fuji 

Edogawa Falcons C.C. convincingly beat Adore C.C.: 
Edogawa Falcons C.C.: 170 (29.3 overs) (Irfan Mohammad, 43; Y. Shimada, 3/38) 
Adore C.C.: 120 (37.1 overs) (N. Walpalanage, 4/20; S. Dharmasena, 3/19) 
Edogawa Falcons C.C. won by 50 runs 
Umpire. T. Yamaguchi 

12th: Division 1: 
Waterlogged prevents games between Tokyo British Embassy C.C. and Wyverns C.C.: 
Tokyo British Embassy C.C. vs. Tokyo Bay C.C.: Drawn (waterlogged ground) 

Kanto Cricket League 
Rain spoils the fun: 
Division 1: 
Fuji Far East C.C. vs. Wyverns C.C.  
Drawn (rained out)  
Division 2: 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C. vs. Ichihara C.C.  
Drawn (rained out)  

Kanto Cricket league Division 2: 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C. brought back to earth by solid new-look Tokyo Wombats C.C. 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C.: 80 (23.3 overs) (A. Koolhof, 3/34) 
Tokkyo Wombats C.C.: 83/2 (13 overs) (R. Conway, 45) 
Tokyo Wombats won C.C. won by 8 wickets 
Umpiires: Y. Shimada & H. Yonekura 
Check Tokyo Wombats C.C. Homepage here>> 

3 japanese players chosen in Team of the Tournament!: 
ICC East Asia-Pacific Cricket Challenge 2004 Team of the Tournament 
Waisake Tukana (c) - Fiji 
Jummei Hanada (vc) - Japan 
Neil Maxwell - Fiji 
Mafi Langi - Tonga 
Bernadus Elli - Indonesia 
Maika Kamikamita - Fiji 
Maunaloa Faivakimonana - Tonga 
Tatsuro Chino (wk) - Japan 
John Stevenson - Indonesia 
Vuetasau Vuiyasawa - Fiji 
Viliami Tupouniua - Tonga 
Munir Ahmed - Japan 
Player of the tournament - Mafi Langi (Tonga) 

Too little, too late but japan finisdhes Tournament on a high note by overwhelming Indonesia: 
Japan: 315/9 (40 0vers) (M. Ferris, 94; Mumtaz Alam, 92) 
Indonesia: 151 (R. Shakespeare, 61; Munir Ahmed, 5/36; N. saida, 3/30) 
Japan won by 164 runs 

Fiji confirms to win Tournament and qualification to second round in Malaysia in February 2005: 
Fiji: 6/304 (N. Maxwell, 65; W. Tukana, 44) 
Tonga: 123 (V. Vuetasau, 3/23) 
Fiji won by 181 runs 

Courageous Japan loses to more experienced Fiji: 
Japan: 135 (47.2 overs) (M. Alam, 40) 
Fiji: 136/5 (30.2 overs) (M. Ahmed, 4/44) 
Fiji won by 5 wickets 
See Scoresheet>> 
Read Report by Russel James>> 

M. Faivakimoana's first century of the tournament help Tonga crush Indonesia: 
Indonesia: 226 (49.1 overs) (J.A. Stevenson, 60; W. Schultz, 53; R.K. Elliott, 47; S. Vite, 3/30) 
Tonga: 227/3 (27.5 overs) (M. Faivakimoana, 144*; V. Tupouniua, 30) 
Tonga won by 7 wickets 
See Scoresheet>> 
Read Report by Russel James>> 

Japan disappoints against in a similar defeat to Tonga: 
Tonga: 213 (50 overs)  (S.T. Pese, 38; V. Tupouniua, 30*, Extras, 30; ) 
Japan: 180 (47 overs) (J. Hanada, 63; H. Takahashi, 54; M.M. Langi, 5/22; V. Tupouniua, 3/38) 
Tonga beat Japan by 33 runs  
See Scoresheet>> 
Read Report by Russel James>> 

Fiji mercilessly crush Indonesia: 
Fiji: 362/7 (50 overs) (S.T. Sekinini, 92; N. Maxwell, 74; J. Kida, 59; Extras, 36; B. Elli, 3/57) 
Indonesia: 122 (38 overs) (W. Schultz, 54) 
Fiji beat Indonesia by 240 runs  
See Scoresheet>> 
Read report by Russel James>> 

Indonesia create first surprise by beating disappointing Japan! 
Indonesia: 219/7 (50 overs) (D. Metcalf, 54*, C. Knox, 30) 
Japan: 165 (40.3 overs) (J. Hanada, 44*, B. Elly, 3/26) 
Indonesia beat Japan by 54 runs 
See Scoresheet>> 
Read Report by Russel James>> 

Fiji confirms against Tonga 
Fiji: 249 (49.2 overs) ( W. Tukana, 74; N. Maxwell, 71; M.M. Langi, 3/28; S.F. Kulkape, 3/38) 
Tonga: 128 (44 overs)  
Fiji won by 121 runs 
See Scoresheet>> 
Read Report by Russel James>> 
KCL Division 2: 
More frustration because of rain! 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C. vs. Lalazar Sports C.C.: Match drawn (rained out) 

May 9th 
KCL Division 1: 
The rain and Mohammad Rizwan foil British Embassy C.C.: 
Millennium C.C.: 140 (38.4 overs) (Mohammad Rizwan, 54; A. King, 3/25) 
Drawn (Rained out) 
Umpire: Tim Lodge 

Rain frustrates Wyverns' in-form batsmen: 
Wyverns C.C.: 167/5 (30.2 overs) (G. Beath, 73; R. McKenna, 40; Tauseef Azhar, 3/33) 
Drawn (Rained out) 
Umpire: Shakir Khan 

KCL Division 2: 
Unwelcome rain the only guest on the grounds! 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C. vs. Adore C.C.: Drawn (Rained out) 

May 8th 
KCL Division 1: 
Indian Engineers C.C. clobber unfortunate Fuji Far East C.C.: 
Indian Engineers C.C.: 216 (39.3 overs) (Bikash Mohanty , 37*; wides: 59; T. Yamamoto, 3/28) 
Fuji Far East C.C.: 88 (34 overs) 
Indian Engineers C.C. won by 134 runs. 
Record broken: wides (59) 
Umpire: Tim Lodge 

Millennium confirm their ambitions against Wyverns C.C. 
Wyverns C.C.: 166/9 (40 overs) (J. Hanada, 65; Extras, 39; N. Miyaji, 3/29) 
Millennium C.C.: 167/5 (35 overs)(Munir Ahmed, 47) 
Millennium C.C. won by 5 wickets 

KCL Division 2: 
MAX wins a war of attrition over Adore C.C.: 
Adore C.C.: 103 (34 overs)(Extras, 32; H. Uemura, 4/8, Y.Fukuyama, 3/22)  
MAX C.C.: 104/7 (39.5 overs) (Extras, 33) 
MAX C.C. won by 3 wickets 
Umpire: Neil Harrison 

JAPAN 2 DAY Competition: 
Tokyo Kooka University C.C. beat Senshyu University C.C. thanks to M. Kobayashi's century and bowlers' overall performance!: 
Tokyo Kooka University C.C.: 194/5 (M. Kobayashi, 110; H. Itou, 31,) 
Senshyu University C.C.: 32 (K. Kobayashi, 6/27, T. Hagihara, 4/26) & 36 (H. Ikeda, 4/19) 
Tokyo Kooka University C.C. won by one innings and 126 runs 

As of 2004, a Coaching Programme has been initiated to establish  
a National Universities Squad! 
Click here for complete information! 

A new cricket Club is born! 
Paddy Foley's Cricket Club 
The very first Irish Pub Cricket Club in Japan! 
Yes! Mr. Suleiman has created such a club and is looking forward to play friendlies with all and sundries before his club applies for entry in the Kanto Cricket League in 2004! 
The pub being their base, visit them at: 
Address: Roi Building B1, 5-5-1 Roppongi Minato-ku, Tokyo  
Tel/Fax: 03-3423-2250 
E-Mail: suleman-export@t.vodafone.ne.jp 
Kanto Cricket League 
Division 1: 
Friends XI C.C. have to work to go past newly-promoted Wyverns C.C.: 
Wyverns C.C.: 181/8 (40 overs) (J. Hanada, 44; Extras, 44; Naeem Ud Din, 4/39) 
Friends XI C.C.: 187/5 (25 overs) (Aamir Ali, 87*; Umar Farooq, 35) 
Friends XI C.C. won by 5 wickets. 
Umpire: Anton McCloy 

Division 2: 
Joel Chamberlain (151) and Matthew Sharpe (79)'s all-time record-breaking partnership of 239 help Shizuoka Kytes C.C. beat new-look Edogawa Falcons C.C. in run fest!: 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C.: 307/6 (40 overs) (J. Chamberlain, 151; M. Sharpe, 79, Extras, 44, Pupa Ranasinghe, 3/19) 
Edogawa Falcons C.C.: 238 (29.2 overs) (Udaya Athukorala, 44; Mohammad Irfan, 42; Sujith Dharmasena, 32; Neal Walpolla, 30; Extras, 38; T. Phillips, 3/6) 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C. won by 68 runs 
Records: 3rd-wicket partnership (all-time record): Joel Chamberlain & Matthew Sharpe: 239 
                  7th-wicket partnership: Udaya Athukorala & Pupa Rasaninghe: 59 
Umpire: Tauseef Azhar 
Scorer: Robert-Gilles Martineau 

Last year minnows Ichihara C.C. crush former Division 1 Adore C.C. with a bang!: 
Ichihara C.C.: 334/3 (40 overs) (N. Greece, 152*, C. Thurgate, 80; G. Brine, 80) 
Adore C.C.: 170 (33 overs) (S. Nakazawa, 33) 
Ichihara C.C. won by 164 runs 
Record: 2nd-wicket partnership: Chris Thurgate & Nicholas Greece: 157 
Umpire: Kamran Ali 

More work on Fuji Grounds! 

KCL Division 1 
Tokyo Giants C.C. demolish depleted newcomers British Embassy C.C., and break 2 records and equal 1 in the process: 
Tokyo Giants C.C: 307/8 (40 overs) (Razzaq chima, 88; Sajjad Hassan, 56; Zaheer Babar, 50;  Ahmed Kamal, 41*; Amjad Hussain, 33; Extras, 32) 
British Embassy C.C.: 116 (32.4 overs) (P. Davis, 73; Rana Rashid Mehmood, 4/27, Tauseef Azhar, 3/14) 
Tokyo Giants C.C. won by 191 runs 
Records broken: Most runes batted in single over: 24 (Razzaq Chima, Tokyo Giants C.C.); Most dismissals by Wicket-Keeper in single match: 3 catches + 1 stumping (Sajjad hassan, Tokyo Giants C.C.) 
Record equalled: Most runs conceded in one over: 24 (S. Humphries, British Embassy C.C.) 
Umpire: Iain Lambert 

JCA 2-Day Competition: 
Gavin Beath piles on the runs to carry G-Wyverns C.C.over Yellow Magic C.C. in a high-scoring game: 
G-Wyverns C.C.: 200/9 (G. Beath, 90*; T. Baba, 42; Extras, 34; Y. Obata, 6/22) & 267 (G. Beath, 100*; S. Nakamura, 49; J. Hanada, 45*; Extras, 49) 
Yellow Magic C.C.: 147 (K. Kitamura, 45; Y. Obata; 37; K. Sakamoto, 3/51) & 173 (K. Yamada, 33; Extras, 39; G. Beath, 5/53; J. Hanada, 5/60) 
G-Wyverns won by 135 runs 

Friendly: Tokyo Wombats wobble past Indian Engineers C.C. in warming-up game: 
Indian Engineers C.C.: 82 (18.3 overs) (P. Schakleford, 3/2) 
Tokyo Wombats C.C.: 83/5 (21 overs) (C. Jones, 31) 
Tokyo Wombats C.C. won by 5 wickets. 
Umpire: R-G. Martineau 

KCL Division 1 
2003 Champions Tokyo Giants C.C. easily overwhelm Fuji Far East C.C. 
Fuji Far East C.C.: 82 (34.3 overs)(Tauseef Azhar, 3/18)  
Tokyo Giants C.C.: 83/4 (15.5 overs) 
Razzaq Chima of Tokyo Giants C.C. equalled the record for most catches in a single match (3)! 
Tokyo Giants C.C. won by 4 wickets 
Umpire: Kamran Ali 

KCL Division 2: 
Lalazar Sports C.C. start their campaign with a convincing win over courageous MAX C.C.spiked with some interesting (sic) rcords: 
Lalazar Sports C.C.: 232 (35.3 overs) (Arshad Bhutta, 36; Ehtisham Mughal, 31*) 
MAX C.C.: 108 (32.1 overs; T. Yamada, 34; Aqeel Ur Rehman; 4/19) 
New records: 3 stumpings in a game by Daleep Singh (Lalazar Sports C.C.). Most runs conceded in an over: 24 by Javed Khan (Lalazar Sports).Most wides in an over: 19 by Javed Khan (Lalazar Sports C.C.) 
Lalazar Sports C.C. won by 124 runs. 
Umpires: N. Harrison & R-G. Martineau.  
Scorer: Kaori Kato 

JCA 2-Day Competition: 
Millennium opens the season with win over Adore C.C.: 
Millennium C.C.: 180 (S. Kanzaki, 33; N. Saida, 32) & (9/7 dec 
Adore C.C.: 87 (N. Miyaji, 7/40) & 110 (Y. Matsubara, 3/19; R. Komaki, 3/25) 
Millennium C.C. won by 72 runs 

JCA Media release on National Squad for coming ICC-EAP Tournament: 
The JCA and the Japan National Team Coaches are pleased to announce the final 14-man squad to contest the inaugural EAP Challenge in Fuji city starting on May 25.  The majority of the squad have been together for the past 2 years and have developed into a closely knit unit.  
The selection of the final 14 was extremely difficult, however coaches Mark McTamney and Robb McKenna are confident they have chosen the best combination of players to win the upcoming EAP Challenge Cup based on current form.  Selection criteria for the final squad was strictly adhered, based on domestic competition performances, participation in camps/practices/practice games, previous national team performances and fitness all factoring in selection as well as players having to "specialise" in one particular discipline.   
The final squad consists of 5 batsman, 6 bowlers, 2 all-rounders, and a wicketkeeper which is a combination designed to meet any challenge likely to be met during the tournament.  The team will be led by Tetsuo Fuji with new vice-captain Jummei Hanada selected with a view to the future.  Both Tetsuo and Jummei are competent players and have previous experience in international cricket tournaments.   
Four foreign -born players will adorn Japan colours for the first time in Japanese cricket history in this country and their performances against Fiji, Tonga and Indonesia will be watched with interest.   
The coaches have implemented a system in which a maximum of 3 foreign players are eligible to play in any game throughout the tourment.  
The tournament will run from May 25 to May 29 at Kasenjiki in Fuji City.  
Those people interested in attending should visit the Japan Cricket  
Association (JCA) website at http://www.jca-cricket.ne.jp/ for ground  

TheFinal National Japan Squad has been announced! 
The composition of the Japan Squad is as follows: 
Fuji Tetsuo (Captain/Millennium C.C.)  
Hanada Jummei (Vice captain/Wyverns C.C.)  
Chino Tatsuro (Wyverns C.C.) 
Ferris Mark (Yokohama C. & A.C.) 
Matsubara Yuta (Millennium C.C.) 
Miyaji Naoki (Millennium C.C.) 
Mohammed Rizwan (Millennium C.C.) 
Mumtaz Alam (Tokyo Giants C.C.) 
Munir Ahmed (Millennium C.C.) 
Nakamura Shuichiro (Wyverns C.C.) 
Orita Kazuhisa (Fuji Far East C.C.) 
Saida Naoaki (Millennium C.C.) 
Takahashi Hirokazu (Fuji Far East C.C.)  
Wadano Ken (Tokyo Bay Districts C.C.) 

Tokyo Bay Districts Cricket Club are online! 
Please visit the very latest Japanese Cricket Club Homepage, namely the Tokyo Bay Districts C.C. at: 

The Wombats are on line! 
Please visit the latest Japanese Cricket Club Homepage, namely the Wombats C.C. of Yokyo at: 

Japan Cricket Association declaration on rules concerning the Kanto Cricket League: 
The Japan Cricket Association has announced its views regarding rules of the Kanto Cricket League. 
For complete details click HERE>> 

Friendly: Ozzies somehow carry Kytes past stubborn Tokyo Bay Districts C.C.! 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C.: 208/6 (40 overs) (J. Chamberalin, 61; F. Newman, 40*, Extras, 36) 
Tokyo Bay Districts c.C.: 180 (34.4 overs) (Sameer Chowdhery, 49; Extras, 35, M. Sharpe, 4/32) 
Shizuoka Kyes C.C. won by 28 runs 

Friendly: Arbab "Kojak" Mohammad saves the day for the Kytes against a gritty MAX C.C.! 
Shizuoka Kytes C.C.: 131 (25 overs) 37.2 overs)(Arbab Mohammad, 62; H. Uemura, 3/11; M. Okamoto, 3/22)  
MAX C.C.: 124 (T. Yamada, 39; T. Phillips, 3/10; 3 run outs)  
Shizuoka Kytes C.C. won by 7 runs  

Friendly: Senshu beat Wyverns for the first time in two years! 
Senshu: 150 
Wyverns: 90 
Senshu beat Wyverns  by 60 runs 

-The KCL Schedule has been finalized! 
Will be put online soon! 
-Ichihara C.C. have their own Homepage!: 
Please Check: http://home.att.ne.jp/grape/iain/ICCtopdw.htm 
-For people interested in another competition occuring in the Tokyo area check the KCA at: 

The Fuji Grounds are being made ready for the ICC-EAP Tournament next May! 
Read Mark McTamney's message below!: 

Dear everyone 
Firstly, congratulations on each of you playing a role in the development of cricket in Japan.  Thank you from the ICC, thank you from theJCA, thank you from FFECCand thank you from the grounds committee for the EAP challenge.  For the record, we had 36 volunteers on the Saturday and 32 on the Sunday, representing KCL division 1 and 2, women's teams, and university teams - an excellent representation of cricketers in Japan.  Well done to all involved. 
Thanks again and see you all on March 14 for the re-seeding of the second ground.... 
Best regards, 
Mark McTamney 

Hampshire CCC Expats Page 

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